“The Simple Trick To Getting Inside Your Customers’ Heads”

One of the prevailing pain points that a lot of businesses face time and time again is not knowing how to effectively and efficiently gain coveted access to the psychological Holy Grail that is consumer insight.
While your options are plentiful, hands-down one of the best and most effective methods available today for gaining vital customer feedback is through surveys.
We’ll explore the best practices for implementing surveys, when and how to use them, and everything you stand to gain by harnessing them to make fact-based business decisions rather than relying solely on gut feeling. [More]

Improve your conversion rate by using exit intent pop-ups

By showing an exit intent popup at the moment that a visitor leaves your website you have a great opportunity to either still convert the visitor or to learn about the reason for leaving. This posts explores the value of using exit intent pop-ups to improve your conversion rate and more specific the cart abandonment rate. [More]

Using open-ended and closed-ended questions in online surveys

Online surveys are very effective for improving the conversion rate of your website or service. You can collect quantitative data by asking closed-ended questions, and qualitative data by asking open-ended questions. Both types of questions can provide valuable insights. In this article we discuss the value and pitfalls of both type of questions. [More]